Linkedin Profile Shots

When doing Linkedin Profile Shots is vitally important to get the right look and feel. Because your Linkedin Profile Shots are the first thing most potential business contacts see it's good to make a positive first impression.

Our Linkedin portraits will have you looking your best. We use professional state of the art Profoto B1 lights . This lighting system is superb with great colour and light quality control which will make you look slick and professional. Using great strobes means that we get superb skin tones every time.

At Corporate Photographer Brisbane we understand how to correctly pose profile shots so that the body language is welcoming and open. This makes the shots visually appealing and communicate to the viewer that you're ready to help them and to achieve results.

Recommended Lindenin in photo guidelines. We use Adobe Photoshop to clip the backgrounds to pure white so that there are no distractions and the focus of the portrait is just you. If you'd like a more interesting and eye catching image we can also put a custom background in that reflects your industry, thereby adding extra visual clues to your profession. Our profile shots are very affordable so why not ditch your old Linkedin Profile Shots and stand out like the professional you are.

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Linkedin Profile Shots