Portrait Background Replacement

To add extra punch to images we are able to do Portrait Background Replacement. Replacing the backgrounds can add a whole new element to the image. It's particaularly well suited to banner images as well as headshots on you website or printed media

You can choose whatever background you wish or we can help you out with one that suits your industry. The right background adds to the overall image in that it can help create an immediate visual cue to what you do.

Corporate logos can be included in backgrounds or you can just use various textures. The background can be designed to match your businesses colour palette so that the images fit in seamlessly with your branding.

We also clip and make Portrait Background Replacement for any existing imagery you have for consistency across you photographs for a small extra charge. So make your Corporate Photographers portraits stand out and talk to us about what kind of background replacement would be suitable for you to use.

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Portrait Background Replacement